Living with diabetes can be difficult and restrictive, but Insulet’s Omnipod DASH system is helping redefine life’s possibilities for those affected by this disease. To introduce the new generation of DASH, Matter collaborated with Insulet to create a series of high impact videos for different audiences.


The Matter video team set out to paint an authentic picture of how a diverse range of patients have had their lives dramatically transformed since adopting DASH. To create something that felt real and relatable, our compact 2-person crews spent two days on location, filming each subject using an intimate “day in the life” docu-style. Combining this footage with thoughtful post-production treatments, the resulting videos are pithy :90 second stories that give prospective patients genuine insight into how others’ lives have been improved with DASH.

HCP Testimonials

With a tactical approach similar to that of the “Podder” Stories, these HCP testimonials focus on the benefits and improvements from the practitioner's point of view, as persuasive communication to prospective HCP partners is an integral part of Insulet’s strategy to expand awareness, adoption and insurance coverage of DASH. Our compact, experienced and non-disruptive film units are adept at shooting at medical facilities and sensitive to HIPAA and other facility-specific requirements while still capturing a fully fledged story.

I am absolutely impressed — these videos were done with quality, they tell a great story and are usable in so many channels. Incredible job!

– WHITNEY CYPES, Senior Director of Marketing, Insulet Corporation