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Since 2013, Modernizing Medicine has partnered with Matter to elevate the company’s brand. Seven years later, and Modernizing Medicine has transformed from an early-stage start-up to a market-leading healthcare technology powerhouse with one of the industry’s most well-respected electronic healthcare record (EHR) solutions., Matter continues to develop unique ways to elevate the company, its leaders and the work it’s doing to help providers and their patients.


Staying proactive in our outreach, we constantly follow trends and work to insert Modernizing Medicine into important industry discussions. Modernizing Medicine’s deep commitment to improving the lives of physicians, unmatched pace of innovation and forward-thinking mission enables us to not only promote the company as disruptors in health IT, but also as pioneers of the tech revolution and the digitization of business.


Since coming to Matter, Modernizing Medicine has grown from a small start up amid over 3,000 competitors to plant its flag among the top EHR vendors in the world. It has also expanded its offerings to include a comprehensive set of health IT services and solutions, establishing the company as not only a leader in the EHR market, but health IT as a whole. Elevated brand awareness has helped to drive rapid growth and position Modernizing Medicine as a frontrunner in the space. In the last three years alone, Modernizing Medicine has acquired two companies, expanded its employee base by almost 400 and raised north of $300M, including a $231M equity investment from Warburg Pincus in 2017. Supporting this distinguished track record are hundreds of article placements across national, regional and trade publications secured by Matter. Modernizing Medicine has become a leading voice for positive change through health technology and a go-to resource for industry reporters covering the shifting US healthcare model. To put it in layman’s terms, the Wall Street Journal, once considered a “reach” publication before working with Matter, now proactively asks if they can speak with the executive team. As with any long-term client relationship, it is imperative our team continues to innovate when it comes to our media relations efforts. The team continues to leverage new thought leaders to share their expertise around constantly evolving industry-wide trends.