The key attribute of a good marketing team, and quite frankly, any team, is cohesiveness. The team has to act as though they’re working together towards one common mission: driving sales. Matter not only embraces this philosophy — they exceed our expectations, helping us see a considerable increase in brand awareness, and ultimately significantly accelerate new revenue over the last year.

– JOSEPH LANDES, Chief Revenue Officer



Leads Generated


Million PR Impressions


Increase in LinkedIn Engagements


Nerdio, the leading Azure automation platform provider for MSPs, selected Matter to increase awareness of its brand, product and relationship with Microsoft, while also boosting executive thought leadership and engagement. Nerdio had a company rebranding, significant shift in its business model from two flagship products to one, and the industry’s biggest new announcement in years, Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop, on the horizon in 2019, On top of this, Nerdio’s largest competitor was ramping up its visibility, making it crucial to increase Nerdio’s exposure and strategically set them apart through an integrated and comprehensive PR, Social and Digital approach.


Matter approached the campaign with a dynamic integrated strategy. On the PR front, Matter secured media opportunities for Nerdio’s top spokespeople in the form of bylines and interviews with top tech and key channel publications and industry podcasts. Matter leveraged earned PR coverage on Nerdio’s social channels and also crafted original content daily to boost engagement and brand awareness. For Digital efforts, Matter used paid search, SEO, paid social ads and gated, high-level thought leadership pieces to build up Nerdio’s target audience of MSPs and generate lead-capture forms. Once leads were acquired, Hubspot was used to share relevant content, like blogs, case studies, videos and testimonials.


Matter’s integrated approach paid off in many ways. Nerdio received 1,378 sales leads from Digital efforts and with only $3K/month budget for paid social, Matter generated 18,000 clicks and over 1M social impressions over the last 3 months. And we also increased organic social engagements by 137% (Twitter) and 210% (LinkedIn) in 2019 overall. In terms of PR results, Matter secured 14 podcast opportunities, earned 50+ media placements garnering 180M+ impressions, and established relationships with leading reporters, channel influencers and analysts.