Clicks to Amazon + Lowe's


Million Campaign Impressions


Smart technology can be daunting to the average consumer. Many see the smart home as a thing of the future and not something that is easy to adopt and integrate into their lives now. Matter was challenged to help change that perception and showcase LIGHTIFY smart lighting as an easy to install/use product that would appeal to a vast audience. We also needed to take it a step further and create a desire amongst consumers to purchase the product in a measurable way.


Matter was responsible for developing a multi-layered plan to showcase the various applications of products within the LIGHTIFY line directly to consumers to drive trackable traffic to Amazon and Lowe’s ecommerce websites. The goal was to help shape customer opinion by partnering with a wide range of influencers – technology, lifestyle, design, DIY bloggers and vloggers – and generate meaningful coverage. To strategically identify the best influencers, Matter vetted targets to ensure that we would reach a large consumer audience and showcase all the different ways LIGHTIFY products can be used from creative DIY projects to total kitchen transformations.


Matter created a multi-faceted campaign to help drive consumer awareness and intent to purchase for OSRAM SYLVANIA’s line of smart lighting, LIGHTIFY. Using a combination of targeted media relations, influencer engagement and social media the campaign was a monumental success, generating 48MM impressions and more than 11K e-commerce link clicks.