Breaking Barriers: Parsec Propels Digitalization in Manufacturing

Parsec Automation - creators of an industry-leading manufacturing execution system called TrakSYS – came to Matter looking for a fully integrated agency partner that could help elevate their marketing strategies.

The manufacturing industry is known for being slow to adopt new technologies. Due to the complexity of global manufacturing operations, companies have resisted major changes like digitalization and automation. With a long sales cycle – between 12 and 18 months – Parsec was looking for a partner that could help them broaden their brand awareness, partner in building a robust marketing ecosystem, and supercharge their sales pipeline.

With a longstanding history of putting their customers first and delivering enterprise-enhancing solutions to factories worldwide, Parsec and Matter’s team of experts set out to effectively elevate their marketing and PR programs.

Innovation Unlocked: Precision Targeting and Multi-Channel Strategy Drives Lead Growth

After a deep brand research and strategy phase, that included persona development, brand messaging + positioning and media planning, Matter developed a full suite of campaign assets, aimed at nurturing leads across channels and stages of the marketing funnel.

Campaigns and messaging targeted key decision makers, emphasizing the value of the investment and long-term benefits of a digital transformation, while positioning the brand as a partner that would make the transition “as simple as possible.” With the campaign launch, Matter and Parsec deployed an aggressive, full-funnel strategy aimed at creating broad awareness while generating quality leads that could be nurtured and eventually handed off to the sales team.

To achieve this a strategic paid media program made up of account-based marketing, paid search + social, and programmatic display was activated. Supported by a suite of earned and owned programs including SEO, marketing automation, LinkedIn Executive Thought Leadership, immersive experiences, and a robust content program, the media efforts act as a long-term foundation for the marketing strategy.

Digital Transformation Powers Manufacturing Success

After 2 years of partnership, Parsec boasts a marketing ecosystem as powerful and cutting edge as their industry leading product.

While Parsec dominated share of voice over some of the biggest names in the industry, paid media efforts filled the pipeline. Programs continue to see strong metrics including: 71% growth in organic keyword rankings YoY, over 90 media placements, and website traffic increasing 28% YoY.

A culmination of effort between Parsec’s team of experts and Matter’s writers, strategists, SEO specialists has resulted in a robust content program that drives results. Over 2 years we’ve partnered to develop 26 blogs, 4 whitepapers, 5 eBooks, 3 infographics, 3 one-pagers, 1 interactive factory tour, 1 global survey, a 3-part video series, 13 email workflows, 7 sales cadences, and 5 media campaigns.


pieces of earned media coverage


new email contacts


growth in organic keyword rankings


increase in website traffic

"Manufacturing is complex. One of the things that I appreciate about our engagement with Matter is how the team assigned to our account made it their mission to become experts in our field. They extensively researched our industry and how software like ours is used—to say that I have learned a thing or two about manufacturing execution systems from this crew would be an understatement. And that sentiment—having a deep, vested understanding of our industry and ethos—has translated across every aspect of the programs we have created together."

– Ashlye Bradford, Director of Marketing