Working with the Matter team on a recent media event was integral to our overall success. Not only did they help with content creation and media pitching, but we also utilized their design and video services. I was impressed with the quality of work and level of professionalism every step of the way.

– OLGA KARAGIANNIS, Corporate Communications Manager



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In an industry often accused of perpetual closures, lay-offs and unsustainable practices, Sappi North America needed to declare itself an outlier in the paper industry: successful, competitive and sustainably-minded. After completing a $200 million upgrade at their Somerset Mill in Maine, Sappi sought to showcase its innovative product line and thriving workforce — and tasked Matter with spreading the positive news throughout Maine.


To announce the newly refurbished mill, the Matter PR team drafted a press release to create buzz about the project completion, then coordinated a large media event at the Somerset Mill. To promote the event, Matter’s creative team designed an invitation for local officials and other community members. The video team also filmed a b-roll video package at the Somerset Mill for broadcast media distribution — a key asset as no photography would be allowed inside.


Through Matter’s outreach efforts, over 80 people attended the event — from local media to the governor of Maine. Not only did Sappi receive praise from state politicians for its commitment to Maine’s paper industry and communities, it also dominated the news cycle for two days — with much of that coverage utilizing footage shot by Matter’s team. Following the event, Matter secured 61 media hits for Sappi, 27 of which were from local broadcast outlets.