Million Media Impressions


Article Placements


Spectrum Health Systems, a New England-based addiction treatment provider, partnered with Matter in the midst of the nation’s opioid epidemic to raise its profile as a thought leader in local, industry and national press. The key goal was to raise both awareness and acceptance of evidence-based treatment – what it entailed, and how and why it worked.


Matter conducted extensive storymining sessions with various thought leaders throughout the organization to identify the most common myths surrounding addiction treatment – such as the confusion over methadone and other Medication-Assisted Treatments – and help dispel them through thoughtful and targeted media outreach.


A steady drumbeat of coverage speaking to complicated issues surrounding addiction have appeared in a variety of impactful publications since the beginning of our partnership in 2016. Outlets include U.S. News & World Report, WebMD, Addiction Professional, Practical Pain Management, Psycom, Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, Managed Healthcare Executive and Business Insider. Hits with headlines like “After Opioid Addiction: What It’s Like to Go Through Medication-Assisted Treatment” have positioned Spectrum as a leading expert in the field, and educated many people on the complexities of the disease.