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From smart home technology to wireless speakers, phones, headphones, virtual reality and even pet tracking and video tools, the consumer tech market is as varied as it is vast. There’s a device for every part of our lives. What comes with this myriad of innovation is the competition for the consumers’ spend. How does one brand standout and sustain momentum post launch? How does it even launch effectively from the start?


Featured Experience

As anyone who has attended CES understands, it’s a challenge that takes creativity paired with flawless execution. At Matter, we can help answer these questions. We’re immersed in the consumer tech industry as a whole, and are experts in the individual categories where our clients play. Our strategic communications programs elevate brand stories and drive real, measurable results using a combination of channels from PR to influencers and social.

Case Studies


    To launch its new JBL LIVE headphone series, JBL needed a first-rate venue where its product debut could resonate. And with a late spring on-shelf date, Miami Music Week jumped out as the perfect occasion. To break through the noise of one of the year’s biggest music events, Matter set to work orchestrating an experience that would not only capture attendees’ attention, but also make a major impact across social media and national consumer outlets.

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    Matter created a multi-faceted campaign to help drive consumer awareness and intent to purchase for OSRAM SYLVANIA's line of smart lighting, LIGHTIFY. Using a combination of targeted media relations, influencer engagement and social media the campaign was a monumental success, generating 48MM impressions and more than 11K e-commerce link clicks.

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    Headphones. They're with us at the gym, on the subway, in the studio, at the office. In-ear, on-ear, over-the-ear. Sport, lifestyle, professional. Unique styles. Unique listeners. Unique product launches - all within one category for one client.

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    With the new Apple HomeKit technology that LEDVANCE now works with, the creative team designed social media posts to show the simplicity of changing lights with Siri’s voice commands. The design encompasses product photography, lighting vignettes and animation to fit in with Apple’s brand guidelines.

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Check out our consumer sizzle reel or use the left and right arrows to view samples of our client work.


  • What to Expect at CES

    As anyone who works in PR knows, the concept of time can be a tricky one. Thanks to lengthy client planning cycles, print editorial deadlines that are determined months in advance, and the constant impulse to look ahead at what’s next, it can frequently feel like we’re working in the future. Even still, I never cease to be amazed when I receive the first “CES Planning” invite in early October. If you’re feeling like your immune system (and your feet) just recently fully recovered from last year’s show and, can it really be time for CES again? You’re not alone.

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  • The Evolution of the Social Influencer

    If you’ve ever opened the Instagram app, you’ve likely scrolled through countless sponsored posts and #ads. Whether it’s people you’re following or suggested content popping up on your feed, brands and products are in almost every photo. At times, it can even be hard to tell which images are paid promotion and what’s organic content. Everyone from your favorite D-list celebrities, fitness gurus, and maybe even someone you know personally has joined the community of “experts” promoting brands through their social media accounts—behold The Influencer.

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  • Startup Guide: How to Talk About Your Tech

    After months of iteration, you’ve built a new technology. Your voice assistant reads today’s headlines. Or your deep learning platform returns new techniques for disease management from thousands of medical journals. Or your disk storage hardware archives directly to Amazon’s public cloud. Now, how do you talk about it?

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  • A Quick Guide to Effectively Using Influencers

    As many brands know, influencers are a necessary part of any consumer PR and digital marketing program and an effective way to amplify a product or services launch. However, the landscape has changed dramatically over the years and continues to shift on a regular basis.

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