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The consumer palate has never been so fickle. It’s never been as health-minded either. As tastes changed and the need for transparency in consumables has increased, new brands and products have come on the market in rapid succession. Many incumbent companies are faced with the fact that Millennials and Gen Z cannot be marketed to the same as generations past driving needs for memorable marketing strategies. At the same, new entrants in the space are popping up everywhere and fighting for space on shelves and in consumers’ shopping carts.

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The shift in consumers’ purchasing behavior, as well as the competitive market, make it more important than ever to establish your brand’s value in a clear way. Matter can help you navigate the trends in the industry whether you’re just starting out or a brand that needs to evolve. Whether it’s through media, influencers, events or social, we can build the right plan for you to drive real, measurable results.

Case Studies

  • Sea Cuisine

    Cooking isn’t always pretty. It’s messy, and smoky, and sometimes, kitchen catastrophes happen. But that’s okay – who needs that pressure to be perfect anyway?! Sea Cuisine embraced this spirit by showcasing the best kitchen fails on social media.

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  • Karv

    Karv launched in February 2018 as the newest entrant into a popular space: meal/meat kit subscription services. The latest meat delivery service turned to Matter for a fully-integrated digital, PR and social roll-out.

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  • La Brea Bakery

    La Brea Bakery, the #1 artisan bread brand in the country, launched a new farm-to-table line extension in 2016. Shining a spotlight on the in-depth and transparent story around the breads, we worked together to plant the seeds among press and influencers, and bring bread back to the table!

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  • Wheat With a Purpose

    "Wheat With a Purpose" Animation to support the launch of the new La Brea Bakery Reserve series of artisan breads.

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  • Vermont Nut Free

    Vermont Nut Free (VNF) is a company that thrives on seasonality. With Halloween, the most candy-centric holiday on the calendar fast approaching, VNF asked Matter to help them gear up for the Halloween push. Their main goal was to reach an audience looking for “safe” (nut-free) Halloween candy to share with family, friends and trick-or-treaters.

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Check out our food and beverage sizzle reel or use the left and right arrows to view samples of our client work.


  • Three Ways to Ensure Top Tier Visual Content During a Photo/Video Production

    You have a client production locked-in, with actors, gear and your team ready to go. Many times, a production can already be an ever-changing game of tetris, and adding any more tasks to the table or cooks to the kitchen can make-or-break an otherwise smooth day. How could you possible try to squeeze another layer onto an already super booked production day?

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  • A Quick Guide to Effectively Using Influencers

    As many brands know, influencers are a necessary part of any consumer PR and digital marketing program and an effective way to amplify a product or services launch. However, the landscape has changed dramatically over the years and continues to shift on a regular basis.

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  • Summer Fancy Food Show 2019 Recap

    We packed in a ton at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show – from the newer brands making their first appearance to the veteran companies that have been coming to NYC for years – we saw (and ate) it all, a few times over. We sampled a ton of delicious food, met some incredible people and picked up on some emerging trends within the food and beverage industry that we anticipate we’ll see hit shelves this year.

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