As longstanding roles of healthcare organizations and individuals evolve, lines are blurring at a rapid rate. While continued change is all but certain, many questions remain regarding the future of healthcare. The shifting sands make it more important than ever to plant your brand flag and establish your organization’s value in a clear, concise and differentiated way through strategic public relations, social media, digital marketing and creative services.

With Matter, you are not only choosing a partner and extension of your team, but a trusted advisor.  We immerse our healthcare teams into our clients’ industries and become experts at what you offer customers, your culture, and the talent behind your products and services. Our strategic communications programs elevate brand stories and drive real, measurable results.

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Featured Case Study

Modernizing Medicine

In 2013, Modernizing Medicine partnered with Matter, looking to transition from a early-stage start-up to a market leading powerhouse in the healthcare IT industry. As they continue to grow and succeed in one of healthcare’s most competitive markets, Matter is consistently challenged with identifying new ways to elevate the company, its leaders and the work it’s doing to help providers and their patients.

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Blog Posts

  • Blurring Lines Demand a New Approach to Healthcare PR and Marketing

    The many predictions made at HITMC17 regarding increasingly blurred lines in healthcare seem to be coming to fruition. National headlines have been dominated for the last several months by stories regarding mega-mergers (CVS & Aetna, Cigna & Express Scripts) and speculation around technology giants like Amazon, Apple and Uber pushing into healthcare, not to mention JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway throwing their multi-billion dollar hats into the ring. But what does it all mean?

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  • Value-Based Healthcare Needs Value-Based Public Relations

    The concept of “value” is something that is very much top of mind right now in the healthcare industry. Many of our clients are trying to define, express and establish their value proposition with prospects and key stakeholders. Many are trying to answer whether or not they are ready for the impending shift to value-based care. All this rumination about value inspired us to give some thought to our own value, as healthcare-focused PR practitioners, and the overall value of PR in healthcare.

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  • Health Tech Influencers Worth Watching

    Healthcare is in the midst of a major transformation, and technology promises to factor significantly into how this pillar of our society and economy comes out the other side. As the industry continues to evolve and shift further toward a value-based model, emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Predictive Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will be key. With that said, these technologies are nothing without the innovators and influencers behind their creation, adoption and utilization.

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  • How to Create a Successful Video for the Healthcare Industry

    All the usual principles of creating an impactful video — such as authenticity, clear storytelling, lively pacing and compelling visuals — apply to healthcare, but there are also a few industry-specific tips we’ve cultivated over our years of shooting videos with healthcare organizations. Follow these tips to avoid common pitfalls and land on a final product that’s all the more effective

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  • Key Takeaways from HITMC 2017

    I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Health IT Marketing and PR Conference or #HITMC (pronounced hit-mick) in Las Vegas. For those outside of the healthcare marketing and PR world, HITMC is a conference put on by one of the most successful and influential bloggers in the space, John Lynn, and his partner Shahid Shah, who is also a widely respected thought leader in the health IT world. The conference is unique in that it brings together some of the best and brightest, and me, from healthcare marketing and PR, both in-house and agency side. When you consider how quickly healthcare and PR / marketing are evolving, it is immensely valuable to be able to collaborate with and learn from others who are facing the same challenges as you.

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Case Studies

  • Sterilis

    For decades, the regulated medical waste (RMW) disposal industry has been dominated by a market behemoth which uses thousands of trucks to haul RMW to incinerate at landfills. Enter Sterilis, a Boston-area start-up uniquely poised to disrupt this market. While in stealth mode for nearly five years, the company developed a safer and more environmentally sustainable approach to treat and remediate RMW. Matter was hired in February 2017 to help launch Sterilis and establish market credibility. Matter honed Sterilis’ messaging by positioning the company as an RMW disposal disruptor, thought leader and startup to watch.

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  • Halloran Consulting Group

    Halloran Consulting Group identified a group of thought leaders who are experts in pharma and life science to act as spokespeople for the consultancy’s impressive breadth of knowledge and industry savvy. Each thought leader participates daily in conversations with peers, clients and vendors on challenges and opportunities facing their industry, providing them with ample insight to share. Matter was tasked with building each thought leader into a recognized, trusted resource in the industry that peers, clients, industry leaders can rely on for profound and innovative commentary and advice.

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  • Seeding Labs

    Seeding Labs invests in exceptional scientists in developing countries who have limited resources, but limitless potential. They provide reduced-cost lab equipment and training and foster professional networks to enhance higher education, support vital research and create a more connected global scientific community. Matter works with Seeding Labs to build strong media relationships, elevating the stories of their talented network of scientists and advancing the organization’s overall mission.

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  • Spectrum Health Systems

    Spectrum Health Systems, a New England-based addiction treatment provider, partnered with Matter in the midst of the nation’s opioid epidemic to raise its profile both locally and nationally. With the arrival of heavy-hitting competitors to Massachusetts, Spectrum tasked Matter with raising its media profile in a meaningful and strategic way.

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  • NE Recovery Center

    The New England Recovery Center (NERC) came to Matter's search marketing team because they wanted to make sure they were addressing the Opiate treatment need and not getting lost in the generic “drug” related searches.

    In less than two months, the account saw a large traffic spike in opiate/opioid traffic. 12% of direct leads were attributed to opiate campaigns, as well as an overall up-tick in traffic to the site in general. The results of these focused campaigns have inspired NERC to continue this granular build out strategy which will drive continued success.

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  • Ixcela

    Microbiome testing and consultation start-up, Ixcela was launching onto the consumer market after a successful soft launch at America’s Cup. Amidst an increasingly crowded gut health market, Ixcela needed to stand out and differentiate itself so it was crucial to garner plenty of initial coverage and awareness.

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Insulet Booth Graphics

Veritas Landing Page and Mailer

Partners Healthcare Internal Communications


  • The Matter team is always on top of the industry's latest trends and suggests ways to get our message to our target audiences. They are truly an extension and member of our team.

  • I really appreciate the proactive way in which the Matter team reaches out from time to time to make me aware of clients that are bringing innovative health IT products to market, and fresh perspectives to thought leadership circles. The #healthITchicks community has especially benefited from Matter's ability to identify female founders that are great fits for our editorial projects.

  • Having worked with Matter’s healthcare team at my previous company, I knew that they’d bring not only knowledge and relationships to the table, but the tenacity and creativity we need to help us reach our goals and affect real change.”`

  • I think an important step in the process is preparation; taking the time to understand the topic and role each interviewee has in the story (patient or provider) and then looking for the places where our key messages intersect with that information. I’ve always appreciated the fact that Matter took the time to do this because it helped craft a strategic, yet conversational, interview. It gives you the ability to anticipate potential follow-up questions and lead interviewees beyond the script that they may have mentally prepared prior to the interview, and that’s where authenticity shines through.

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