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BREAKING: I’m “That Guy From Matter Communications” Now

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined Matter Communications as Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Matter has a story worth telling well, and I’m seriously excited tell it – broadly and often. There’s another, more personal reason why I’m happy to join this particular PR firm, but I’ll get to that further down if you can hang with me.

For those unfamiliar, Matter started with two clients, a lot of guts, and an iron-clad commitment to “do the right thing” by its clients, its staff, the community.  The agency principals – Scott Signore and Patty Barry – have followed this moral compass and, with careful planning and meticulous attention to detail, the firm steadily evolved into something of a juggernaut in the PR and social media realms.  How so?

The hybrid PR and social media agency is growing impressively year-over-year, and has maintained that improbable trajectory even through the downturn (when more than a few firms shuttered staff, slashed benefits or simply turned off the lights). That’s not a fluke – it’s client services math: happy long-term clients + more clients = sustained measurable growth.

But this is also a people story. Matter was named a Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal in 2012 (maybe the always-on-tap keg of beer had something to do with that?).  The company attracts top-flight talent from top PR agencies because, it turns out, smart people like working with other smart people who understand that “work” and ‘fun” are not mutually exclusive.   Did I mention the keg?

The executive leadership “gets it” and the staff is right there with them, crushing it on both traditional and social media approaches and helping clients understand the importance of adding value to key audiences at that ever-expanding, always shifting intersection.

Matter is also a story about embracing change and innovation. It rolled out a killer new visual creative suite called Studio-C, which arms brands with the provocative video, pictures and graphic imagery needed to better engage with key audiences in a world with diminishing attention spans. That’s in-house goodness, always fresh on tap. It’s a big differentiator for Matter. Just ask the firms that can’t do it.  

And lastly, as I mentioned earlier, there’s a more personal element to the story. It’s this:

I spent more than 10 years working through the ranks of SHIFT Communications in San Francisco, from senior PR executive to account manager to director to, ultimately, vice president of marketing, a role I served for several years. It was an amazing run in California, working with dozens of edgy startups and a spate of Silicon Valley’s most prominent companies (Google included).

At my side during that entire time was Mandy Mladenoff, who also climbed the ladder from account coordinator to managing director of the San Francisco PR office. Long (but good) story short, we married, had a family and moved back East together.

Over the past year or so I’ve listened to Mandy extol the virtues of Matter’s people, its plans, its work ethic and its mission. So when the opportunity arose to join this impressive team in the midst of major momentum – and to rejoin Mandy professionally – my ears perked up.

This is a PR firm that’s open to trying new things. A firm that’s growing.  A firm that knows where it’s been and is amped about where it’s going.

I’m amped I’m joining the fun. I hope to use everything I’ve learned in marketing, social media and PR over the past 13 years, from Boston to San Francisco to Portsmouth, to help keep the growth trajectory pointed skyward in in coming years.

Don’t be a stranger.  My new email address is:     [email protected]

  • Sam Whitmore

    Congrats, Parry! You’ve made a good choice.

  • Todd Defren

    Warm congrats to the dynamic duo!

  • Parry Headrick

    Thanks, Todd and Sam. It’s a pretty exciting time for us and I appreciate the kind words.