Matter Chatter

Life Matters

Just a few short months after we in the Matter Providence office toasted our colleague Christina Beavers‘ wedding, it was time today to raise a glass of bubbly for our own Julie Sellew! We wished Julie the best on her upcoming wedding to her sweetie Tim (and asked her to take many photos during their awesome honeymoon to Hong Kong and Thailand!) . That brings our office’s life milestone count to four beautiful babies, three engagements and soon to be TWO weddings in recent years. We are certainly a lucky bunch, and we appreciate our good fortune.

If you know us at Matter Providence well at all, you know that in 2010 we’ve turned into some serious cupcake connoisseurs. In a truly Julie-centric twist for this bridal shower, we had her do a blindfold taste test of three different types of cupcakes and try to select the one from Nancy’s Fancies here on Federal Hill (the planned favors for her wedding guests!). As Andy Meltzer predicted, it wasn’t even a contest, and she correctly named the cupcakes from Cup ‘n Rol and Stop & Shop as well!

Here are a few shots of the festivities. It was great to share some laughs with our co-workers!

The bride to be!