Matter Chatter

Step outside the box

At one point in our lives, we have all been told that we need to “think outside of the box.” Whether it’s drafting a contributed article for a client or brainstorming new angles for media outreach, there have and will continue to be times when we need to pause and take a moment to get our creative juices flowing. Sometimes it even takes a change of environment to inspire new ways of thinking.


I was at an offsite meeting for training on one of my clients’ product offerings earlier this week. The training itself was great and extremely informative. On top of that, I brainstormed new and innovative ways to connect the media professionals and consumers with the product. For me, taking a step back from my daily environment and being, quite literally, “outside the box” gave me new insights into what might catch the media’s attention.


As a PR professional, I encourage you to step closer to the products and services you represent, take a new approach, or look at them from a new perspective. The possibilities to ignite your own creativity are endless. So, how are you thinking outside the box?

  • Matt Mendolera-Schamann

    This is a great point, Stacey – as you know, I’m on an account for a major retailer, and after pitching some of the same messages and products for a while, you get stuck on yourself. Sometimes the best ways our team gets revitalized is just to drive over to the store and walk around. It’s amazing how many ideas we come up with when we’re browsing an aisle, with the products staring at us, instead of sitting at our laptops trying to picture what about these products is likely to catch someone’s attention.