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Like the Go-Go’s sing…Vacation…All I Ever Wanted

First Matt writes about Matter Fun and now I am writing about vacation. I promise – we do work hard at Matter Communications. But nonetheless, today – Friday, I’d like to share some thoughts about time off. Back in May, I got married and took a glorious 12-day honeymoon. Five days in Puerto Rico followed by a seven day Caribbean cruise. During those first five days in Puerto Rico, I posted to Facebook, kept an eye on message boards, read blogs and emailed friends and the occasional colleague. It wasn’t until we boarded the cruise ship that I finally left it all behind and started to relax and recharge.

With our smart phones giving us access to work, anywhere, everywhere, anytime, it has become increasingly more challenging to “leave” the office. The benefits of taking vacation and time off are evident – we come back with renewed focus, passion and excitement for our jobs. This is especially important for PR professionals whose job is to deliver smart, creative ideas to our clients and the media. Being fully present is a requirement, so balancing time off with demands of the job is often a delicate act.

For me, to really get away and recharge, I had to get on a ship and on weekends, I clean (really!), amongst other activities, of course. Many of my colleagues enjoy sports like long-distance running or throw themselves in family activities. With the weekend upon us, I ask: what do you do to “leave the office”?

Have a great and relaxing weekend!

  • Matt Mendolera-Schamann

    I, too, rely on cleaning to clear my head on the weekends, as strange as it may seem. Nothing like opening the windows, blasting a fun iTunes playlist, and then just going to town with vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry…it’s one of the few times I don’t have my iPhone giving me up to the minute updates on email, Twitter, etc. My own honeymoon last year was probably the longest I’ve gone without checking email.