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NY Times: PR and New Media

The New York Times recently caught our eye with a thought-provoking article on the changing role of technology-focused public relations pros. Claire Cain Miller penned an article published July 5 titled, “Spinning the Web: P.R. in Silicon Valley,” which discussed how public relations gurus are courting influential voices on services like Twitter to endorse new companies, Web sites or gadgets, perhaps forever altering their roles. We think there will always be a place for traditional media outreach in PR, but it’s definitely an interesting time as new and social media outlets continue to amass larger audiences.

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  • John Berard

    Way to go out on a limb, fellas. Sure, the social networks are important (it allows, among other things, for there to be more fluid contact between reporters & bloggers and those of us seeking their time & attention), but what did you really think of the story? Did it advance the profession? Did you wonder what Om, Walt, Kara and Mike might have thought about being thrown overboard so easily? Do you think Roger is happy with his portrayal?

    A blog — like this one — ought to provoke! Tell Jesse I said so.

  • Jesse Ciccone

    The article started out having the potential to be interesting, but to me ended up being a puff piece advertising the wonderfullness of Brooke H. I don’t know her (apparently, I’m one of few!), so she may indeed be wonderful. I just had higher hopes for where the story would go in terms of analysis of our industry and craft.

  • Theresa Freeman

    John, thanks for your thoughts. While some Matter Chatter entries will be longer and contain more analysis, some like this one, will be shorter and open up the analysis to the reader. That said, to go into a bit more detail on this particular story, the answer is there is no clear cut solution. Should PR pros ditch Walt & Co. for the Twitterati? No. Should we dump the TV affiliates for YouTube? No. Outreach to all media players has got to work hand-in-hand. You’ve got to look at what audience (readers, viewers) that your client is trying to reach and go there. Like any industry, you’ve got to adapt to be able to use all the tools available to your trade. As for whether Roger liked his portrayal, well, does anyone feel a newspaper article captures them? I’d guess not, but still the article, like so many, picked up on some telling details that supported its main idea – that a multitude of digital outlets are gathering large followings and PR pros better figure out how best to reach them, respect them and work with them if they want to succeed.