Every day, your target consumer – whether B2B or B2C – flows between digital platforms, devices and channels. At the core of all their online activity is search. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. We understand how to win consumer attention online and place you front and center through SEO and SEM.

Search Services

The Matter Search Team helps you get the right message to your target audience using a combination of organic and paid search tactics. We optimize your full digital ecosystem to maximize impact and conversion. We take a holistic approach that includes deep consumer insights, a clear understanding of the customer journey, best-in-class execution and measurement.

Organic Search - SEO

  • Matter offers custom, scalable search engine optimization (SEO) programs either as stand-alone solutions or integrated with our PR, social and creative offerings.
  • Our capabilities include local and national SEO efforts, SEO audits, client education/training, research, analysis, optimization and full implementation.
  • Our SEO team has more than a decade of experience helping brands gain customers, increase online mindshare and achieve brand messaging consistency across online channels.

Paid Search - SEM

  • Paid search solutions help you gain visibility and target specialized messages and offerings.
  • From standard AdWords text ads to sophisticated remarketing and display campaigns, we’ll work with you to determine the most effective strategies for your search marketing campaigns.
  • Whether you’re beginning a new campaign or have a long-established campaign in need of restructuring, we will help you define and achieve your goals.

Search in Action

  • Healthcare

    Focused on the healthcare segment? Matter delivers impressive results for our healthcare clients.

    Healthcare is a highly regulated industry that requires a top-notch search strategy to effectively reach patients and healthcare professionals. When searching for a heath professional, treatment, or medicine, consumers want to know they are doing the best for themselves. Using numbers, statistics, and ratings, combined with the right messaging in ad copy, affirms their choice and drives conversion. Matter will tailor your search strategy to give you the most beneficial and impactful advantage in the healthcare industry.

  • Education

    Matter works with universities, online education programs and other educational institutions to develop impactful search strategies.

    A strategic search program is essential to reach the specific target audiences for educational institutions focused on student recruitment, retention and fundraising. For prospective students, messaging must speak to the journey they will embark on and consider the commitment required when choosing a school. Similarly, the search strategy must effectively reach donors and alumni for annual giving campaigns. Matter will understand your audience and deliver the right message to drive results.

  • Consumer

    As Consumer search habits evolve, one factor remains constant: the increase in search engines as both a starting and purchase point. Whether a consumer is searching for your brand, a service you offer or even one of your competitors, it’s critical that a clear, effective message appears within the search engine results page.

    From local search efforts to complex ecommerce campaigns, we provide data-driven search strategies that focus on the full consumer journey from initial research to final conversion.

  • Technology

    Search marketing offers unique opportunities for technology companies to present their messaging directly to a highly-qualified audience. From pre-IPO to established high-tech B2B and B2C companies, we maximize online reach through targeted, data-driven organic and paid search strategies.

    We approach our search engagement collaboratively throughout our campaigns. We determine impactful solutions based on well-defined goals organic SEO, paid search, display, remarketing and video campaigns, then execute and optimize for maximum performance.

Search Experience

Case Studies

Bixby International
Increasing Organic Search and Lead Generation

Windhill Realty
Google Display Network Campaign

Organic search increases highly qualified leads

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