Social Media Strategy

First things first: social media isn’t a strategy, it’s a set of tools. How you use those tools to achieve your goals is where a social media strategy comes in. That’s where Matter shines. Matter was created at the advent of the social media era, and it’s baked into everything we do across all programs, big and small. We can and do handle everything from strategic planning to implementation to social media community management across any channel.

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Client Insights

  • Everyone at Entelo is over the moon about the new video! We are using it immediately, and it will go a long way in helping us communicate our value. The messaging is spot-on, and it will have a VERY long shelf life. As a company that partners closely with recruiters, we understand and appreciate the importance of a great brand story. Thanks again for working with me to deliver such an excellent result.

  • Matter has a special division called Precision that works with Start Ups. When we were reviewing PR Companies, the Precision Team told me they understand the challenges, idiosyncrasies, and budgetary restrictions of new companies and know how to get results. They were being modest. It is a pleasure and a delight to work with Matter. If they weren't so much fun to work with I would say that our Matter Team is all business because they plan their work, work their plan, and get results. Incredible results.

  • Matter is a fantastic agency partner and extension of the CVS Pharmacy communications team. The Matter team knows how to develop and nurture relationships with media and also understands the importance of client service. They consistently go above and beyond to create meaningful public relations campaigns that produce quality results.

  • Our experience working with the Matter team has been incredibly positive. They are metrics-oriented, proactive, and have a great work ethic. One of my favorite things about working with Matter is the proactive energy they bring to our account. They bring new ideas to the table in terms of editorial opportunities, media events, customer engagement programs, and even competitors to watch. Knowing that an entire team lives, eats, and breathes my business just as I do on the client-side helps me sleep a little better at night.

  • We selected Matter for its flexible agency/budget model, impressive team capabilities and strong presentation and follow up to our RFP process. Matter truly is a partner and our extended team - it is not and never has been, 'us vs. them' as often can be the case for agency/client relationships. They are ingrained across our business, with our SMEs, product marketing, marketing, and demand generation, they know our business extremely well and are always two steps ahead, no matter what. They anticipate, they are superb at identifying trends in the media to latch onto, netting us a bevy of business level press coverage (a first for JDA in many cases, in many publications like WSJ, WWD and Washington Post, among others). They offer sound advice, they are realistic with expectations and are excellent writers, communicators and PR pros!

  • Every person on the Matter team stood out as incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and personable. They've been a tremendous asset to our firm and opened us up to new approaches to market ourselves--from our website to PR. Accurate communication, transparency, and positive energy flows from the team in all that they do. Regardless of the size of the task, they are always ready to jump in and tackle it! And the results speak for themselves.

  • I've found Matter to be one of the most professional, proactive and responsive agencies I've ever worked with and I've worked with a lot. They really are an extension of our team and provide well considered consultancy at a senior level. They are always on top of things no matter how busy. I trust them explicitly to brief executives properly and to do what they have promised.

  • Sometimes an agency doesn't seem integrated with the company, but Matter is truly an extension and member of our team. They are always on top of the industry's latest trends and suggests ways to get our message to our target audiences. They are organized, consistent, and a true joy to work with.