Satellite Media Tours & Pre-Packaged Broadcast Tours

Ever wish you could flip a switch and immediately demonstrate your products to millions of potential customers?

Actually, you can, with Satellite Media Tours and our new Pre-Packaged Broadcast Tours.

Satellite Media Tours

Studio-C by Matter Communications offers a dedicated, on-site broadcast studio, complete with a media team, script writers, set-designers and our very own in-house spokesperson – Jeana Tahnk. We orchestrate highly tailored satellite media tours (SMTs) for brands that want to reach millions of consumers nationwide in the span of 4-5 hours.
Co-op SMTs are a great, cost-effective way to build buzz for a brand and to showcase your product story to broadcast, radio and online media across the country.

Here’s a snapshot of Matter SMTs:

  • $10,000 per tour
  • Guaranteed 15 + placements, including at least one nationally syndicated broadcast and one national radio placement
  • Mix of top DMA markets via broadcast, radio and online outlets
  • Guaranteed 7+ million impressions
  • Messaging points hit every time

NEW Pre-Packaged Broadcast Tours

We now offer a Pre-Packaged Broadcast Tour that takes brands out of the studio and standard SMT setting and into a lifestyle environment. These tours are pre-taped, six weeks in advance of airing, using the flow and cadence of an SMT – with B-roll, close-ups of products and messaging hit each time by our spokesperson Jeana Tahnk. The difference is that these segments are taped, vs. live, and shot in a realistic setting. For example, a Kitchen Tech segment would be in an actual kitchen, or a Dads & Grads segment may be filmed outside by a grill.

Here’s a snapshot of Matter’s Pre-Packaged Broadcast Tours:

  • $12,500 per tour
  • Pre-taped segments
  • 100% broadcast exposure, focused in Top 10-30 DMAs
  • Lifestyle environment setting (not in studio)
  • 10 segments in top markets; option for more
  • Customized B-Roll included
  • Guaranteed 5 million media impressions
  • Messaging points hit every time


Sizzle Reel


2016 Themes & Dates

  • Mother’s Day (May)
  • Dads and Grads (June)
  • Summer Essentials (July)
  • Back to School (August)
  • Cyber Monday (November)
  • Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas (December)

2017 Themes & Dates

  • CES (January)
  • Valentine’s Day (February)
  • Spring Cleaning (March, April)
  • Earth Day (April)
  • Mother’s Day (May)
  • Dads and Grads (June)
  • Summer Essentials (July)
  • Back to School (August)
  • Cyber Monday (November)
  • Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas (December)

All tours will be hosted by Jeana Tahnk expert in the tech, parenting and lifestyle space.


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