Live Video

Bring Your Messaging to Life with Live Video.

When you’ve got a vital message to share with your customers, peers and employees in real time, it’s time to go live. We offer streamlined remote video and audio production services that help you relate to your audience, amplify your message and form that human connection. Not only is it an instantaneous form of communication, but it allows for live interactions and engagement.

The Matter team really went out of their way to make sure that we were well prepared and that we were comfortable with the script. They really guided us in terms of direction and production to make us comfortable so that we could deliver the best press event that we could while still being virtual.

– HEATHER CORKERY, Director Store Brands, CVS Health

We were able to create something that was much more high-energy and more like a live television broadcast. It really allowed us to do justice to the quality and level of speakers that we had. I think the value of virtual is now definitely been proven. I don’t foresee us going back to a completely in-person event.


It was clear from that first interaction that the video production and presentation capabilities were clearly superior to the other companies that we were looking at.

– LEE WOOD, co-President, MP Associates

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