Enlightening Businesses and Consumers on Aquaculture  

With a mission to more healthfully and sustainably feed the planet’s appetite for seafood, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is the world’s most trusted and comprehensive third-party aquaculture certification program. Yet, many people, from consumers to multinational supermarket chains, don’t have a firm grasp on what aquaculture is, nevermind the meaning and benefits behind the blue BAP label.

In order to create video and photo content that universally resonated with both consumers and potential business partners,  BAP sought Matter’s help to create a strategic, cohesive, and human campaign to promote understanding of their mission on their website, social media outlets, at trade show events, and in business pitches.

We brought BAP’s story and value proposition to life with 14 videos, including a Brand Explainer and Case Study that were split into Spanish and English language versions and various social length cutdowns for maximal impact.




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Client Insights

  • Working with the Matter team was a true pleasure. They displayed remarkable leadership and helped us understand exactly what we needed to create a successful video campaign. Even when unexpected challenges were presented, Matter handled it with ease and grace, making a smooth process for everyone involved.

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