Improving Brand Messaging; Increasing Organic Search Visits & Lead Gen.

Bixby International is a custom thermoplastic sheet extruder and laminator offering one of the broadest polymer and substrate selections in the industry. In February, 2014 we began working with Bixby with three primary goals: 1) improve their online brand messaging for consistency across multiple channels & directories; 2) improve their organic website visits; and, 3) increase potential client web inquiries/lead generation. Challenge: Google was interpreting the Bixby website as a consumer “flooring installation” business.


Matter revised and optimized meta descriptions and site content to better reflect business offerings. Matter claimed already existing directory listings, as well as created new listings with optimized messaging. Lastly, Matter created specialized gated assets and contact forms to drive in lead generation.


Directory listings began appearing in organic search results with correct business information resulting in an increase in visits to the Bixby website.