BroadSoft Testimonial Series

In August 2017, BroadSoft called upon Matter to produce a video series for their annual Connections” conference to be hosted in late October.


The goal of this project was to create a series of ten video testimonials that would drive engagement and elevate their brand perception. Matter was given roughly two months to shoot these videos in three continents and six different countries around the world. The countries included Brazil, Panama, United Kingdom, Spain, France and The United States of America.

Challenges + Goals

The biggest challenge in meeting the deadline of the conference was capturing and editing all of the requisite content from international BroadSoft customers and partners in a timely, effective manner and minimizing a prolonged feedback phase. In two months, the team traveled to the six countries for shoots, edited the content into a series of 10 cohesive videos, and worked with the BroadSoft team, customers and partners for final approvals.


International shoots also present their own unique challenges such as language and cultural barriers, customs and processes, and time zone changes. This intensifies a video team’s usual challenges of traveling and equipment management.


These videos needed to communicate a nuanced brand message in English as well as native languages, maintain a consistent aesthetic, convey the software product in a cinematic and engaging way, and incorporate motion graphic elements.


Following the event, these videos were to be repurposed and used as a video series on YouTube. The goal of the YouTube series was to drive customer interest and sales. Additionally, the Matter team was asked to create fifteen and thirty-second versions of the customer stories for BroadSoft’s social media sites. 



Matter found that attention to detail, adaptability, tenacity, and teamwork were a crucial part of the strategy for maximizing the potential impact of the video series.


Attention to detail came in especially handy when it came to the high-stakes logistical planning and execution, but also with the international travel of video equipment. A misplaced piece of equipment could have led to major delays on an already time restrained project.


Matter’s adaptability was crucial in solving unexpected challenges on a set in foreign lands. In a home studio, a team has everything they could potentially need, but being a plane ride away requires a good amount of adaptability and creativity.


It was also of great importance for the team to personify tenacity. For example, in early September, one shoot team had to work back-to-back-to-back shoots in Madrid, London and Paris. Determination and passion can get a team through three back-to-back shoots in different cities.


And finally, the most important part of the project was teamwork. When you work as a team and not as individuals, you plan together, shoot together, edit together, and execute together. By working as a team, this video series was able to reach its highest potential.


In order to execute the video series, Matter leveraged employees, freelancers, editors and cloud services technology to meet all of the necessary deadlines.  


Matter leveraged five full time employees and three freelancers to capture all of the content from around the world in under two weeks time. This required back-to-back shoots and even overlapping shoots in Europe and Central America. This led to many hours spent on planes by the determined traveling staffers.


In order to edit the videos and create the necessary animations within the time period, Matter utilized multiple in-house editors and cloud services technology. This allowed for simultaneous work to be completed on videos in Matter’s offices across the country. The assets could be captured, uploaded, and shared across editors for use.


A final key piece of the execution was providing the client with timely V1s that could have gone live same day. By providing polished, critique-resistant V1s, Matter was able to expedite the feedback process to a degree necessary to meet all of the deadlines.


The video series, featuring ten customer success stories, impressed and inspired the live audiences at BroadSoft’s annual “Connections” conference. The attendees noted that the videos helped bring the technology solutions to life and engaged the audience. 


Many of the videos now reside on BroadSoft’s YouTube channel to provide evergreen marketing for the regions they serve.

Great work, I can't express how thrilled we are with the quality of these videos and the work you have delivered on such a tight deadline.

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