Work Hard, Play Harder: B2B Recruiting Videos that Speak to Candidates

If you’re a marketer in the B2B Tech sector, there’s a lot of noise between you and the talent pipeline. In a world of nonstop innovation it’s difficult for tech companies to produce video content in which tech doesn’t outshine the human element. So let’s get back to basics: how do you show potential hires that your tech company cares about people? Traditionally, employee testimonials that praise a company’s family atmosphere, food and flexible schedule are great. But how do you show appreciation for employees without telling?

Dassault Systèmes is a world leader in 3D design and engineering software, with global connections in B2B tech. We created a series of 14 recruiting videos highlighting their employees’ passions outside of work, and how those passions informed their life at the company. We were delighted to discover just how talented Dassault Systèmes’ people were outside of work; one was an avid boxer, another a graphic artist, and another a professional electric guitar builder.

That element of discovery was key to the video series’ success, and helped connect Dassault Systèmes’ state-of-the-art products to the people behind them. Ultimately, it sent a message that Dassault Systèmes values its people. And for today’s talent pool, that’s the number one desire – to be seen and appreciated for who you are.

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