Communicating Brand + Value with “Spot-on” Testimonials

Recruiting software startup Entelo counts some of the world’s best and biggest companies as their customers, including Schneider-Electric and HubSpot. Our team captured each client story in a way that not only combines personality and polish, but clearly and accurately conveys Entelo’s brand promise to better engage and recruit top talent to your organization. The HubSpot piece has seen over 123,000 views on Entelo’s YouTube Channel.

  • Everyone at Entelo is over the moon about the new video! We are using it immediately, and it will go a long way in helping us communicate our value. The messaging is spot-on, and it will have a VERY long shelf life. As a company that partners closely with recruiters, we understand and appreciate the importance of a great brand story. Thanks again for working with me to deliver such an excellent result.

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