Expert Thought Leadership: Halloran Consulting Group

Halloran Consulting Group identified a group of thought leaders who are experts in pharma and life science to act as spokespeople for the consultancy’s impressive breadth of knowledge and industry savvy. Each thought leader participates daily in conversations with peers, clients and vendors on challenges and opportunities facing their industry, providing them with ample insight to share. Matter was tasked with building each thought leader into a recognized, trusted resource in the industry that peers, clients, industry leaders can rely on for profound and innovative commentary and advice.

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    Pending Opportunities


Halloran thought leaders were particularly interested in writing articles for highly read industry publications. Matter began by researching the top industry publications that accept bylines and outlining their specific guidelines. To pinpoint insightful and innovative topics that only Halloran leaders can provide industry knowledge on, Matter held brainstorms with each thought leader to discuss trends, challenges and industry shifts that they are seeing. From there, Matter identified the best article abstracts and circulated them to key publications offering byline content and/or an interview with the expert for a feature story.


As a result of Matter’s focus on leveraging Halloran Consulting Group’s thought leadership, there have been 19 pieces of coverage posted and 12 pending. The pending pieces are awaiting publication or writing from a Halloran thought leader. This coverage consists of both penned articles from a thought leader or commentary in a feature article as a result of an interview. Life Science Leader, STAT, Med City News and The Pharma Letter are examples of industry publications that are a priority for Halloran and Matter has secured coverage in. One of the greatest successes of this initiative has been the relationships formed with editors at target industry publications. Matter’s contacts now proactively reach out for content from Halloran and request a steady stream of contributions from the thought leaders. Halloran is thrilled with their position as trusted, knowledgeable industry resources and the steady pipeline of opportunities brought to them by Matter.