Miami Music Week Sets the Stage for JBL’s LIVE Headphone Launch

To launch its new JBL LIVE headphone series, JBL needed a first-rate venue where its product debut could resonate. And with a late spring on-shelf date, Miami Music Week jumped out as the perfect occasion. To break through the noise of one of the year’s biggest music events, Matter set to work orchestrating an experience that would not only capture attendees’ attention, but also make a major impact across social media and national consumer outlets.

Strategy: Maximize the impact of product reviews and celebrities

The first step was to seed review samples under embargo to major consumer tech outlets. By syncing the embargo date with Miami Music Week events, the market would be primed with reviews consumers could find at the exact moment they learned about the headphones.

Aiming to build consumer awareness, Matter planned a day full of high profile activations. To kick off the events, NBA legend Shaq surprised South Beach by pulling up in a JBL-branded ice cream truck. For the zenith of the promotion’s events, JBL threw an official launch party for media and influencers, with Olivia Culpo as the host.. And as a grand finale, the night was capped off with Shaq’s Fun House festival, with JBL serving as title sponsor.

Results: 1.2B media impressions | 143 pieces of coverage | 150+ influencers + media

With the positive reviews building buzz around the headphones, and Shaq and Olivia Culpo’s efforts generating excitement for the launch, the supporting events were set to give JBL the heightened brand moment it sought.

As influencers splashed bespoke JBL-branded experiences across social media, the JBL LIVE launch became one of the most prominent events at Miami Music Week. From People to OK! Magazine, the JBL LIVE headphones received praise across national consumer publications, garnering 1.4 billion media impressions — all while becoming top-of-mind for the music crowd and millennials.