Not Everything is Black and Wheat

La Brea Bakery is a purveyor of fine artisan and gluten free breads with local café style bakeries and par-baked bread options. With a storied history as one of the USA’s largest sellers of fresh bread, La Brea Bakery has some amazing stories to share. Our Creative team has become a go-to resource to bring these unique narratives to the table.

Celebrating a Milestone

In 2019, La Brea Bakery celebrated its 30th anniversary by bringing back an old friend to commemorate the important moment: their founder, Nancy Silverton. Silverton is recognized for her role in popularizing sourdough and artisan breads in the United States and is the winner of the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef Award. Matter worked with Silverton and the La Brea Bakery team to encapsulate the meaning of the milestone via this award-winning video.

Wheat with a Purpose

To support the launch of the new La Brea Bakery Reserve series of artisan breads, Matter produced two videos with different aesthetics and creative directions to highlight the genesis and story behind this innovative product line.

Thanksgiving Heroes

Thanksgiving is a day typically spent with close friends and family, but there are many who make sacrifices by working the holiday. Fire fighters. Hospital workers. Police officers. These are just a few of the careers that require dedicated 24-7 attention that people may take for granted. Thanksgiving is a priority holiday for La Brea Bakery, but also one that allows for an emotional connection with customers. For two years, La Brea Bakery gave people the chance to say “Thank You” to their loved ones who had to work on the holiday by surprising them with a Thanksgiving meal at their place of business. Matter garnered a Hermes Creative Platinum Award and a PR Daily Video Award for this campaign.

Instruction Cards

An important part of La Brea Bakery’s public relations strategy was sending out mailers to reporters and influencers with frozen, par-baked breads. Instruction cards were designed to help the receiver achieve the intended crust, crumb and texture of the bread.

Thanksgiving Mailer

For La Brea Bakery’s Thanksgiving holiday mailer, Matter designed a recipe card for a “Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich on a La Brea Bakery Holiday Stuffing Loaf.”

Adult Grilled Cheese

Matter designed multiple recipe cards for La Brea Bakery’s Adulting with Cheese and Bread campaign. Below is the design for the Classic Grilled Cheese sandwich.


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