Getting it Back with LoJack

As the industry leader in auto theft prevention systems, LoJack has successfully recovered over 90% of stolen vehicles that have been outfitted with its equipment. Over the years they have also allowed companies manage their fleets, inventory, and helped law enforcement work more safely.

Brand Identity Campaign


California’s Central Valley is the top region in the United States for auto theft- seven of the top ten cities for stolen vehicles are in this area (per capita). Along with the Stockton, CA Police Department, we created a video series to highlight the challenge for law enforcement. They are taking significant steps to help keep minimize these crimes, and LoJack is an integral part of these defense tactics. The campaign included a three-part video series, landing page, and focused Facebook advertising. It was a huge success resulting in PR gold: sales and partnership opportunities with auto dealerships in the area and new customers that generated revenue well into the six-figures.

LoJack LotSmart Inventory Lot Management

LotSmart helps simplify lot management for dealers. This animated explainer video showcases how LoJack’s technology can streamline operations and improve customer service.

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