Matter Video: Industry Reels

The demo reel (or just reel for short) is an important staple of every video agency’s portfolio. A marketing manager researching video vendors likely doesn’t have the time or patience to poke around a catalog of full-length pieces hoping to find something that resonates. The reel exists to convey an agency’s overall capabilities and quality of work, their primary industry and/or type of video, and their personality and tone. In short, it should answer who are you and what you care about in roughly a minute.

No small task for a video team as prolific and varied as Matter’s! We operate in a number of industries and types of videos, from animated B2B SaaS explainers to live-action consumer videos. How in the world were we going to convey everything we stood for in one short video?

After wrestling with the problem for awhile, we finally found a straightforward (but intensive) solution: create individual reels assembled specifically for each of our nine target industries, from “Higher Education” to “Food & Beverage” to “Professional Services” and beyond. With greater clarity and confidence without the distraction of unrelated imagery, we hope this helps picture a potential project together. No matter who you are, we think we’ve produced a reel that speaks directly to you.

While an effective solution, we had instantly multiplied our initial output 9x. Carving out small pockets of time whenever we weren’t working on client projects, it took five editors about three months to produce all 9 reels from start to finish. As you watch, note the occasional flourishes that hopefully keep you engaged and propel the reel forward, whether it’s a nifty transition or effect or the cutting of the visuals to the beat of the music.

We’re extremely proud of the end result, and are excited to build on these reels as we continue to push ourselves with even more creatively and technically challenging work.

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