New England Recovery Center Opiate Epidemic Treatment Expansion

Unfortunately, there is a growing Opiate/Opioid Epidemic in this country, and there is a specific need for treatment of this problem. New England Recovery Center (NERC) wanted to make sure they were addressing this Opiate treatment need and not getting lost in the generic “drug” related searches.


Matter created multiple opiate/opioid program related campaigns and ad groups to capture search traffic. With focused and tailored ad copy the audience looking for opiate related treatment would see messaging related to the treatment.


In less than two months, the account saw a large traffic spike in opiate/opioid traffic. 12% of direct leads were attributed to opiate campaigns, as well as an overall up-tick in traffic to the site in general. The results of these focused campaigns have inspired NERC to continue this granular build out strategy which will drive continued success.