Dominating Organic Search for Critical Keyphrases & Improving Online Conversions

Marvin Design Gallery by North Shore Window Solutions is an authorized Marvin window and door distributor serving the Greater Boston area that provides a unique, hands-on showroom experience and  custom installations. Their clients range from consumers to contractors to architects. In April 2014, Marvin Design Gallery desired to boost their Google rankings, increase website traffic, align brand messaging across numerous directory listings, and increase lead generation through their website.


After evaluating Marvin Design Gallery’s online competitive landscape and auditing web pages, meta descriptions, content, and directory profiles, Matter produced a comprehensive key phrase strategy. In addition, we recommended an improved conversion process with a more effective form presentation and user experience.


In April 2014, Marvin Design Gallery only appeared in Google search results for 10 of the most commonly searched key phrases in their market; of those 10 results, only seven were on the first page. As of September 2015, Marvin Design Gallery appears in the search results for 47 of the most commonly searched key phrases, and 38 are on the first page.

With consistent brand messaging across all online directory listings, organic search visits increased by more than 25% year over year and lead generation via website form submissions increased by more than 62% year over year.