Partners eCare: Redesigning Care Using Technology

As members of the Partners Healthcare integrated delivery system, Brigham and Women’s Hospital often works closely with care teams at neighboring practices, hospitals and nursing rehabilitation facilities. In order to simplify the process of sharing clinical information across the system, Partners Healthcare introduced a single electronic medical record: Partners eCare.

Building up to the system launch, the Brigham and Partners worked with Matter to create a variety of announcement and training videos to help show that the impending change would ultimately improve population health management, provide embedded clinical intelligence for providers and enable patients to be more connected with their care team across organizations included in the Partners system.

Announcement Videos

Training Videos

Workflow Videos

As is customary with the implementation of any new technology, the initial learning curve is quite steep, and the technology requires constant improvement. Over the years since the initial launch, Matter has produced several videos that showcase the system enhancements.

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When implementing a major workflow change or system overhaul, succinct communication is crucial. Video is the perfect medium to ensure messaging continuity and engagement throughout your organization. If you have a similar challenge (or opportunity), please reach out.

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