Business Challenge

Embarking on a new path after splitting with their parent company, Sectigo needed a bold vision to redefine their organization — along with the new name, brand identity and aesthetics, website, and corporate assets needed for their rebirth. The largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world, Sectigo enlisted the help of Matter to helm the entire launch, showcasing their new brand, bold vision, fresh leadership team and dynamic product line to current and future consumers.


A highly complex, integrated account, Sectigo first needed a great brand strategy that highlights what makes the company special and unique. Additionally, Matter needed to help bring this vision to life in a way that resonates while spotlighting new venues of growth. Through the complex task of rebranding and delivering a full brand campaign, Matter developed and executed a dynamic, vast range of demand generation marketing to drive sales and elevate the new brand.


Through a dynamic, multi-faceted marketing execution, Matter launched Sectigo into the world with a best-in-class brand campaign destined to raise awareness and drive sales. After the initial work of revamping their brand strategy and crafting a new name, logo and identity, we set to work developing four new websites — including their flagship site — and a large body of content, ranging from a corporate brand sizzle reel to product videos to a range of marketing content and collateral. With a strong PR program to drive earned media in the market, Matter delivered everything needed to help Sectigo seize their tomorrow.

Brand Refresh


Color Palette


New Website

Brand Videos

Product Videos

Client Insights

  • In a short time, Matter has proven to be an integral part of our team, making it possible for us to execute and achieve our ambitious growth goals. The Matter team has been an incredible partner, delivering expertise from all areas to provide a true integrated marketing approach.

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