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Marijuana researcher and addiction expert Dr. Kevin P. Hill of Harvard’s McClean Hospital made a name for himself among Massachusetts schools as a lecturer and select local media as an authority on marijuana and its health, societal and economic impact.

As the debate over marijuana legalization and policy spread throughout the United States, distortions and half-truths have dominated both sides of the debate, largely depriving voters of the unbiased perspectives needed to make an informed decision at the ballot box.


Recognizing the need for fact-based commentary on a regional and national scale, Dr. Hill engaged with Matter for a six-month campaign to introduce him to key journalists and influencers in this space.

Matter embarked on an aggressive thought-leadership program, leveraging Dr. Hill’s intellectual capital in positioning him as a reliable, unbiased source on all things marijuana.


After a 6-month campaign, the Matter team earned 36.5 million-plus total impressions, 19 secured placements and 23 briefings for Dr. Hill, leaving even more coverage in the pipeline beyond the official engagement.