Zmags Brand Refresh

Zmags is a content creator with multiple platforms to help businesses easily create their own user experiences. The Matter creative team was tasked to up-level their brand to reflect their modern and innovative positioning. The result incorporates bright gradients of color, bold typography and customized imagery that work to tie together a tech industry platform with their retailer clientele.


The team designed an array of logo options, from refining the logo down to the bare bones all the way to custom typography and abstracted logo marks. Each variation and option incorporated a level of simplicity and distinction to help compliment a streamlined user interface. The final logo uses one color without addition elements to help maintain consumer recognition.

Logo Process


The typography uses a striking sans serif headline font with a thinner body font to compliment the bold color palette and “+” sign pattern.

Color Palette

The Zmags color palette incorporates both flat colors and gradients. The primary and secondary colors are used for accents on the site and the gradients are used for background CTA bars and buttons.


Zmags’ custom iconography mimics a similar weight of the brand mark with abstract strips of color to juxtapose the feel of these more technical line drawings.

Website Refresh

After creating the foundation for this brand refresh, the Matter team applied these new elements to the Zmags website to ensure an updated and consistent look and feel throughout.

Case Studies

In addition to redesigning most of their online materials, Zmags also needed their existing marketing collateral to reflect their new brand. By creating a template for their case studies and data sheets, the Zmags team can easily plug and play to create new assets independently whenever they’re needed.


Event Booth Graphics

These event booth graphics were created with the audience in mind, to draw passersby into the Zmags booth at events throughout the coming year. Not only do they bring consistent visuals that adhere to the rebrand and are recognizable to the updated website, but they give the Zmags team a fresh approach to their tradeshow game.

Digital Ad

Matter designed an ad for a tradeshow event that uses Zmags’ new brand elements with a bold, punchy headline to communicate “going beyond the creative limits” that the current user interfaces use. Using an isometric grid background pattern contrasts against the styled living room.