4 Common Pitfalls That Waste Time on a Video Shoot

By Gabe Gerzon

<p><span style=Bringing in an outside film crew for your video marketing is an important investment for your organization. Taking full advantage of their time on site goes a long way towards helping you maximize that investment. Here are 4 common pitfalls we’ve encountered that get in the way of a smooth shoot — and how to circumnavigate them.


Incomplete Logistics

Insufficient Arrival Info: Your incoming crew should know exactly what to expect when arriving — from where to park and unload gear to if they will need a security badge. Recreate the arrival process in your mind and see if there are any snags where a guest (with a lot of equipment!) might get caught up or confused.

Lack of Equipment Space: Be sure a dedicated room or area has been set aside in advance for the crew to setup and store equipment for the duration of their stay. Finding an available area in the heat of the moment moment adds unnecessary stress and time for everyone. Also, this space should be close to (but not the same as) to main shooting area to minimize time spent in transit, as crews often have to return to change out a piece of camera equipment.


Messy Surroundings

Nothing gets in the way of filming quite like having to repeatedly address the overall cleanliness of an office space. As such, ensure that all filming areas are clean and presentable before the shoot; this includes cleaning table surfaces, stowing anything visually off-putting (like tissue boxes, trash cans, plastic water bottles, food containers, etc.) tidying up wires and plugs, and most definitely wiping down all screens or devices that will be filmed with a microfiber cloth. The dust and fingerprints these devices attract are only accentuated on film.


Uncooperative Technology

As people who deal with cameras every day, we get it — sometimes technology is wonky for no good reason. That said, always aim to do a dry run with any critical tech we’ll be filming to minimize time spent troubleshooting while the cameras are out and ready to roll.


A Hungry Crew

Videographers need to eat, too! A fed crew is a happy and productive crew, so no matter how busy the day may be, don’t let mealtime be the thing you shortchange.


Don’t sleep on these tips if you’re a marketer organizing a video shoot! When you follow them, you eliminate 80% of the time wasters on a typical corporate video shoot. Help keep your big production day focused on creativity and execution instead of distractions. Your video crew will ultimately appreciate your foresight and thoughtfulness, and look forward to working with you again and again. Is there any else you’d add? Let us know.

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