Building a Balanced Healthcare Content Strategy

By Hannah Ratner

For healthcare marketers, content is still king. Whether you’re a start-up or a med-tech powerhouse, you won’t get far without crafting engaging brand stories to share with your audience across forums and media channels. The type of content you create and share should align with your business goals. Do you want to drive leads? Opt for a gated resource like an eBook or white paper. Want to prove your value to potential customers? A case study could be a great choice. In this blog, I’ll dive into five types of content that healthcare companies should consider adding to their content calendars.

Bylines – Establish your subject matter expertise

A bylined article is a great way for healthcare leaders to share their expertise and establish themselves as thought leaders in their spaces. Bylines are often vendor neutral, so you may not be able to sing the praises of your specific product or organization. Yet, the value of bylines for establishing subject authority and credibility can’t be understated.

In healthcare, it can be difficult for consumers to parse through the plethora of new health crazes and startups. Publishing a byline with a respected healthcare publication or website will help you rise above the noise and show healthcare consumers that you’re a trusted thought-leader. Best practices for an excellent healthcare byline will depend on the publication outlet, but in general, keep it concise and jargon-free, and steer clear from overly “salesy” language.

Blogs – Educate and engage

A company blog with a steady stream of well-written content is a phenomenal way to engage current and potential customers in healthcare. A blog might be the right content type for you if you want to give your take on a timely issue, share company news, or highlight takeaways from a recent event like a healthcare conference or roundtable. Blogs shouldn’t be gated but are still a great way to link to gated content to collect leads. You can also collect insights such as page traffic and clicks to evaluate how consumers are engaging with your content, what topics they are drawn to and where you can improve.

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Bite-sized insights for busy audiences

Today’s media landscape – from 15-second videos on TikTok to 300-character hot takes on X (formerly known as Twitter) – reflects consumers’ preference for short-form, digestible content. Healthcare is no different.

Short-form written commentary is a great easy-lift option for engaging healthcare leaders. Reporters are always looking for healthcare professionals to comment on timely topics in the space to build trust with their audiences. Don’t underestimate the reach and resonance of short form pieces: they can serve as conversation starters that spark customers’ interest and leave them wanting to learn more.

Leverage the power of audio content

We all know the power of podcasts. There’s a podcast for every niche interest and industry, and the healthcare industry boasts a wide array of acclaimed podcasts to choose from, including MedTech Talk, Bright Spots in Healthcare, and The Podcast by KevinMD.

Like short-form commentary, podcasts have the benefit of being consumable on-the-go. They’re also a great opportunity to let your company’s story, mission and culture shine through. Matter Health’s PR pros are constantly identifying the best-fit podcasts for our clients and prepping them to have an engaging, buzz-worthy conversation.

Check out this recent Great Entrepreneurs podcast with Daniel Cane, CEO of Matter Health partner ModMed!

Case Studies – Build trust and show your success

If the proof is in the pudding, case studies are the pudding. Case studies allow you to showcase your past successes in a succinct format. To craft a compelling case study, start with the problem or pain point that the client came to you with, and your plan to address it. Then, describe how you put that plan into action, and share concrete data to prove that the plan was successful. Consider a quick case study video to really bring your success story to life.

Creating content synergy

A top-tier content marketing strategy should make use of multiple content types to increase brand awareness and engagement, establish thought leadership, and attract new customers and even new employees. It’s important to evaluate your organization’s top marketing goals – both short term and long term – and match them up to the types of content that will help you reach those goals.

Our Matter Health team has proven success in balancing diverse content types to fit each client partner’s goals. Want help bringing your content program to life? Reach out below!