Building Brand Content Around Being Human

By Matter

In an ever-changing, constantly bustling world where everyone seems to be connecting and disconnecting with content simultaneously, getting engagement can be a confounding battle. In the midst of all of this, human connection through storytelling can be one of the best tools in conveying your brand’s story “person to person.” There’s been a surge of simplicity with branded content, getting back to basics around what it means to be human. 

Audiences want to engage on a personal level, in our ironically disengaging world of smartphones, tablets and social media, we crave content we can relate to.

How does a B2B marketer succeed at this? Tell your story. Share your client’s story. Engage your brand in the B2B community.

As a video producer, my favorite part of the job is being able to work with brands to capture their story and express their passion through the medium of video. I love experiencing that one-on-one collaboration between our team and the client, and translating that experience into a marketable video. These are my favorite to shoot, edit, and to share the final delivery of because it’s unique to each client and something that they can truly call their own.

Here are some recent narrative driven videos we have produced for clients, where we collaborated on their story to create some unique branded content:

The art of brand storytelling has become a much more genuine space. This year, I encourage you to think about the kind of content you create and how the importance of shaping a narrative around a person in branding elevates your engagement. Get creative, tell your story, engage yourself in the narrative of your brand.

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