Communities Matter in Social Media Management

By Matter

Newburyport, Mass. – Matter Communications has created Communities Matter, a service offering aimed at building and maintaining positive relationships for clients in the online communities that matter most.

The program’s elements cover a range of planning and execution needs, including:

  • setting goals;
  • creating content;
  • day-to-day engagement and community growth;
  • integration with customer service standards; and
  • measuring success.

By taking control of the many elements of community management, Matter’s program not only provides a social media service, it enables clients to get a handle on what key constituencies are saying, provides analysis of sentiment, and creates a framework for communicating effectively with customers both in social media and in business transactions, whether that’s a store visit or a multi-million dollar software purchase.

Scott Signore, CEO of Matter said, “Interacting with many different audiences in an effective and meaningful way is a substantial challenge in the business world. There are myriad choices of where to build communities, and which to spend the most time and resources on: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others. And once those choices are made, significant challenges still exist; operating creatively and successfully on these different channels, understanding how they differ but also how they can work together. Each needs a unique approach. We help clients easily navigate social media in the way that is best for their brand.”