CyberSide Chats, The Series

By Tim Hurley

Welcome to CyberSide Chats, our video interview series where we talk with business technology thought leaders about timely trends, what’s new and what’s next in the cybersecurity industry.

Episode 1: Taylor Armerding

In the first episode, Matter Executive Vice President and cybersecurity lead Tim Hurley recently sits down with Taylor Armerding, Security Advocate and software security blogger at Synopsys Software Integrity Group. They discussed several hot topics including ransomware, application development security, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the future of the industry.  

Episode 2: Jon Oltsik

In Episode 2, Hurley sits down with Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow at Enterprise Strategy Group. They discuss several hot topics including election security, disinformation on social media, the cyber skills shortage, the “security data explosion”, 2021 predictions and more. 

Episode 3: Søren Laustrup

In Episode 3, Hurley sits down with Søren Laustrup, Founder and Managing Director Americas for LogPoint, a fast growing security information and event management (SIEM) provider. Tim and Søren discuss LogPoint’s go-to market strategy for North America, the SIEM segment, SAP security, COVID-19’s impact on security spending and CISOs priorities, Søren’s 2021 predictions and more. 

Episode 4: JC Raby

In Episode 4, Hurley sits down with JC Raby, co-founder and managing partner of Boston Meridian, a venture M&A and investment banking firm with a major focus on cybersecurity. They discuss recent M&A deals in cybersecurity, compelling investment areas in infrastructure and security, the importance of brand, buzz and positioning to tech buyers, advice for cyber entrepreneurs, 2021 predictions and more. 

Episode 5: Peter Tran

In Episode 5, Hurley sits down with Peter Tran, CISO and Head of Cyber & Product Security at Infersight. Tran was previously an executive at RSA, Dell EMC and Raytheon, and is a globally recognized info sec, cyber defense, and risk and regulatory management expert. The pair discuss top concerns and priorities for CISOs, thwarting high profile attacks, ransomware, mitigation as a defense strategy and more.

Episode 6: Johna Johnson

In Episode 6, Tim Hurley has a conversation with Johna Johnson, CEO and Founder of Nemertes Research. They discuss several hot topics including emerging cybersecurity technologies, the ongoing SolarWinds data breach saga, third-party and vendor risk management, nation state attacks, 2021 mega trends and more. 

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