Cyberside Media Chatter: Chris Preimesberger, eWEEK

By Georgina Rupp

Welcome to the first edition of Cyberside Media Chatter, Matter’s Tech and Cybersecurity Q&A where we interview leading editors and reporters to keep a pulse on the trends and topics they’re focusing on. This week, we’re excited to kick off our new series with Chris Preimesberger, Editor-in-Chief of eWEEK

An IT industry veteran and influential business journalist, Chris has worked on 4,000+ articles in his 15 years at eWEEK. As editor-in-chief, he’s responsible for the site’s reporting and analysis on the business use of next-gen IT in a variety of sectors, including cloud computing, data center systems, storage, the Internet of Things (IoT), security and more. Chris is a trusted voice in the industry, often making public appearances to moderate IT-related panels and serving as an event emcee or panelist/speaker – virtually these days. 

We’ve worked closely with Chris over the years to secure features for clients, including “#eWEEKchat Tuesday, July 14: ‘Next-Gen Networking Trends’” (Perimeter 81), “What Experts Advised During ‘Trends in Collaboration Tools’ #eWEEKchat” (Altify, Gtmhub), and “IT Science Case Study: Bank in Tornado Country Updates DR Function” (StorMagic).

In this interview, Chris gives us an inside look into what he is currently working on for eWEEK, his number one tip for PR pros looking to engage with him and some of the biggest names he’s had the privilege of interviewing during his career.

Matter: What are you currently working on?

Chris: For us at eWEEK, it’s all about discovering and explaining innovation in each sector we cover. We’re also about discovering and explaining trends that would be important to buyers of IT, whether it’s a simple cloud subscription or a big hunk-type server or storage array. 

Specifically, we’re looking at ways companies are changing their IT systems to cope with the COVD-19 crisis as more people work away from offices. We’re also looking at possible new attack surfaces for SecOps experts to block, the effects 5G will have on business IT of all kinds, how data management is becoming easier for lay people to handle and whether data scientists will be needed in the next few years as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software becomes more widespread in usage.

Matter: What topics or trends in IT and cybersecurity do you find the most interesting right now? 

Chris: To name only a few: 5G, new open source software, security of all types, cloud services of all types, EoT (enterprise of things), mobility management and new mobile devices.

Matter: What type of story or data would you love to get from a source as an exclusive? 

Chris: Any type of acquisition or a story about an international IP spy and how he or she did their job.

Matter: How do you prefer to receive pitches or be contacted by PR pros?

Chris: Email, email and email.

Matter: What’s a fun fact about yourself that people may not know? 

Chris: I’ve interviewed Bill Clinton, Cary Grant, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Olivia de Havilland, John Denver and a lot of other show business celebrities for newspaper articles.

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