Enter 2017: The Year of the Brand Elevation Agency.

By Scott Signore

When you think about it, something had to give. Everything changes, and the communications world is hardly immune to the digital upheaval forcing so many industries to innovate or, conversely, die on the vine.

To be crystal clear, public relations is – and always will be — central to what we do here at Matter (we are so proud to have been named Midsize PR Firm of the Year in 2016). But the fact is, we do so much more than PR that we owe it to clients and prospects to explain what that means for their brands in 2017.

Pure-play PR agencies still have tremendous value, as do stand-alone social media agencies and creative services firms. If companies have specific needs in some communications areas but not in others, then working with a narrowly-focused agency can make sense. This won’t soon change.

But the thing is, the data clearly shows that today’s growth-minded brands need all of the above (plus a liberal dose of search marketing) to create a coherent, meaningful narrative – complete with valuable original content – that helps them rise above the clutter in their respective markets.

Okay, so what does that mean for you and your brand? Go ahead and check out the below eBook we created. It explains why working with a Brand Elevation Agency like Matter makes a lot of sense in 2017 and beyond.