Five Trends to Spark Your Social Media Strategy

By Matter

The world of social media changes on an almost daily basis; between shifting algorithms and platform changes, it can be hard to keep up. It’s even harder to keep your social media strategy up-to-date and in tune with best practices. Here at Matter, we live and breathe social media. Our team spends countless hours making sure we’re on top of the latest changes and adjusting strategies and tactics for our clients. Below are a few things we’re thinking about (and you should, too!) strategically as we enter 2019, with ideas on how to implement!


Every Social Platform is Different, and Should Be Treated That Way

Gone are the days of creating one piece of content and sharing it on every social channel at the exact same time. Your audiences across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are different and your content strategy should reflect that. Depending on your business goals, the goals for each platforms should differ. If you’re a B2B company, maybe Facebook is where you connect with current staff, Twitter is where you work to get the attention of the media, LinkedIn is where you update investors and customers, and Instagram showcases your company culture for recruiting. Determine what the best kind of content is for each platform and audience!


Engagement is Everything

Social media shouldn’t just be a place for marketers to sell the latest products and services–it’s a place to engage with consumers, entice potential customers, and showcase your thought leadership in a meaningful way. I hate the term Social Media Marketing; instead I like to say Social Media Community Building. Use thought-provoking calls to action, ask for community input on the latest product or campaign, and encourage audiences to contribute their own content or feedback. By viewing social channels as a long-term investment, brands can build authentic hubs for their communities.


Video is King

The old saying was “content is king” but now it’s not just about content, it’s about video content. YouTube is making a comeback (it’s still the 2nd largest search engine after Google) and with IGTV and Facebook Watch, it’s clear that video is more important than ever. While high-quality, professional video is awesome, so are authentic videos shot on your phone. Utilize Facebook Live to showcase your staff, products and company culture, create branded gif-ographics to have a little fun with your data, and work to tell your brand story and successes in a more interesting way than a case study on your website. Upload videos natively to your social platforms to get the most views and engagement!


Nanoinfluencers Help Move the Needle

Many brands shy away from working with huge influencers because of the sheer cost of getting them to share a post about their brand. More and more brands are working with nanoinfluencers, where the cost per engagement is much lower (or even free – many will work with you in exchange for product) and the return is much better. Despite how good your product will look popping up on on Rihanna’s Instagram, the power of nanoinfluencers will grow in 2019 in terms of driving consideration on social. These influencers are associated with authenticity to their followings, and can help present brands in a more transparent and niche-oriented light. Once the perfect influencers are identified, approach the partnership like a collaboration instead of providing a fixed message. Educate them on your brand or service, and they’ll be better equipped to authentically present it to their specific audience. Not only will your brand get some great exposure, but you’ll get some professional-looking user generated content for your own social channels!


Stories are Here to Stay

Instagram Stories have grown into their own unique realm of social engagement and storytelling. The platform has steadily introduced updates and features that change what Instagram Stories mean to brands and consumers, and 2019 will be no different. As Instagram pushes their “You’re All Caught Up Feature” that decrease engagement on feed posts, Instagram Stories have become the new and best way to engage with your audience. Take advantage of the polling feature to get quick customer feedback and insights, use Stories to document company culture and behind the scenes activities, and host Q&A parties where your audience can ask you anything! Brands already on Instagram should look to add Stories to their repertoire to stay top of mind and keep engagement growing.


At the end of the day, your social media strategy should help guide your content and make sure you’re achieving your goals! Need help getting started with your strategy? Contact us – our team would love to help!