Golf Matters

By Matter

The sunset was pretty but it was chilly on our first night out in mid-April.
(Photo by Tim Bradley)

We work in an incredibly fast-paced industry. We send and receive hundreds of emails a day, we juggle breaking news, client crises, deadlines, creative projects, social media accounts, and countless phone calls and meetings. We’re “always on” – and we do it because of some masochistic desire to overload our brains and our Outlook calendars.

But now, on Thursday afternoons, you’ll find a group of us PR pros hacking it up at the Ould Newbury Golf Club. Our new, Matter golf “league” meets each week to blow off some steam, get some exercise and then promptly belly up to the 19th hole.

Jesse Ciccone, Tim Hamilton and Matt Croteau look on as Leo Bonarrigo sinks a hole-in-one (not really).
(Photo by Tim Bradley)

We’ve always embraced the work hard, play hard mentality that comes with our gig here at Matter – and we’re continually encouraged and empowered to decompress with our families and friends, as well as with our comrades in the PR trenches. I’m grateful for the generous holiday break we take each year, the monthly birthday parties (not to mention the timely cupcake and wine deliveries), and I enjoy volunteering with my colleagues at local food shelters. The more active folk in the office participate in our running and basketball clubs, and let Melissa Garabedian “spin” them until they can’t walk anymore.

Matter CEO Scott Signore and Video Production Specialist Leo Bonarrigo smile for the camera. Fun fact: Our fearless leader never uses a driver.

We’ve got a good thing here at Matter – and it just got a “hole” lot better.