How Has PR Changed? See Our New Website

By Scott Signore

I’ve read – and written – plenty of stories and blog posts about how PR is a different gig than it was even 10 years ago. It’s obvious to me because I see what our teams at Matter create, execute and analyze every single day.

But today I found an interesting visual snapshot of just how far the PR world has come since we first hung our shingle 13 years ago. On Monday we launched a brand new website, which, when compared to our first attempt at a website, looks like it was built by highly advanced aliens from another dimension.

Our first site was static, flat, doing only one job: letting the world know we existed on the Internet. Nothing fancy. Nothing shareable, memorable or visual. In later iterations our language about communications began to evolve. You can see our site get more visual and social and engaging over time.

Our new website leads with a dazzling video showcasing a range of highly visual content produced for clients, ranging from high-end videos to animation to broadcast placements to social campaigns. It’s a reflection of work we’ve done, and more of the agency we’ve become. Our work now is truly about building brands – whether through video, creative, social, digital marketing or public relations.

This broad range of disciplines brings to life this recent quote in PRWeek: “In the survey of about 1,000 agency and in-house comms team leaders, only a quarter agreed that the words ‘public relations’ would accurately describe the profession in five years.”

PR is the engine of what we do at Matter and that won’t change. It’s everything else we integrate with it that creates the big change. That’s why we are a Brand Elevation Agency.

Look at our new website. You’ll see.