How to Deliver an Engaging Event Recap Video

By Gabe Gerzon

Event recap videos are a great way to create quick and easy video content. It allows companies to showcase their collaborative, fun-loving culture whether its showing off their BBQs, beach trips, volunteer events or bike-athons.

Too often, though, event videos resonate primarily with the people who were a part of the event. While that’s great for internal camaraderie to boost morale, it’s essential to engage a wider audience, like prospective talent and customers, with the same piece. With these three strategic tips in mind, you can elevate your event recap from merely an enjoyable video for the attendees to a creative piece of content to capture the attention of a wider target audience.

  • Every event has a story. The most common misconception of event videos is there’s no story to tell the audience. There may be some cool shots and an energetic song, but for the average viewer, there’s little reason to continue watching because there’s no deeper theme behind the onscreen fun. You can combat this issue and tell a more compelling story by including interviews with attendees or supplementary text overlays. For example, did you have a volunteer event where employees were giving back to the community or celebrating a healthy work/life balance? Pair visuals with the story to create a story the audience can resonate with, whether they participated in the event or not.
  • Don’t drag it out. It’s rare an event video should be longer than a minute or so. Unless you’ve taken the first point to heart and are truly weaving a compelling story from multiple interviewees together, longer event videos can be indulgent at best and unmindful of your audience’s time and attention at worst. In today’s era, shorter is almost always better. No one but you will lament the good-but-not-great footage that didn’t make the final cut. People only need a taste; they’re not going to stick around for a three course meal.
  • Capitalize on engagement with a meaningful call-to-action. So your event video has a great story and didn’t overstay its welcome – don’t miss your chance to engage with the viewer by fading to black. Determine what call-to-action best intersects with the event itself and your overall marketing strategy to leave the viewer with a message they can act upon. A call-to-action could be your social media handles, the date for next year’s event, a funny hashtag, or even a memorable tagline that ties in to the larger marketing goal.

By keeping these few principles in mind, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of any event recap video. So get out there this summer and enjoy your team activities while driving greater business impact along the way. Need a hand? We’re here to help.

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