How Website Development Fuels PR Campaigns

By Scott Signore

Have the bright lights that once shined on your new and exciting website felt dimmer lately? Has the proliferation of social channels – and the opportunity provided to publish content in all shapes and sizes – negatively impacted the power of your homepage? Have the highly interactive platforms that provide an active voice and fully transparent perspective minimized the relevance of your website?

If the answer is “yes,” you need help with your website. Fast.

Social channels have changed the way we operate and engage key audiences. They are hugely powerful opportunities to deliver key messages – directly or indirectly – to those who matter most. However, these activities are providing air cover for the most powerful tool in a company’s “go-to-market” arsenal. More than ever, an entity’s web presence is the foundation upon which so much online activity should be built. It’s the single most impactful way to push a company’s brand and directly communicate the official who, what and how.

It’s also about pulling – pulling in conversations from across the distributed Web to showcase for potential buyers of your products/services a holistic narrative of your company. It’s not a static page anymore – your website must be a content hub. Companies that offer fresh, original content that adds value have a huge advantage over more complacent competitors.

Moreover, search techniques and various website optimization strategies have furthered the relevance of home pages and microsites, and brought to the forefront of our category the importance of having the most appropriate messages for key audiences in view. (Building and launching the website is one thing, but once you’ve invested in driving visitors to it, you need to be doubly certain that your online presence is not just beautiful, but engaging and purposeful).

Finally, websites have become more closely tied to the broader initiative of having a comprehensive communications program. Be creative in execution, but be consistent with messaging. The latter is so hugely important when leveraging assets that help business tell their story visually. The best agencies – (ahem) – can pivot internally and deliver videos, infographics and other tools that complement already-strong PR and social media programs. And the very best agencies can further this comprehensive approach by delivering brand-building and business-driving websites.

More than ever, a powerful website is a necessity. How’s yours?