Leaders Matter: Announcing an Agency President

By Scott Signore

Today, Mandy Mladenoff was promoted to President here at Matter. In her new position, Mandy will guide our agency’s strategy while managing our dynamite people, and she will be even more active in planning for our future growth. She will provide teams with direction, clients with counsel, and lead our offices with the smart, savvy and engaging professional demeanor that has been a constant throughout her career.

The decision to announce Mandy as the agency’s first president was not taken lightly. I’ve spent countless hours with Mandy in the trenches, and time and again she’s proven she’s made of the stuff of leaders. But she’s also a spectacular advocate for our staff’s success, pushing them when necessary and yet unequivocally supporting and encouraging their professional development. Most true leaders I know are quick to praise others and reluctant to draw attention to their own achievements. She chooses not to bark orders, but rather shows you how it’s done and encourages you to be the best you can be. She’d rather shine the spotlight on a talented junior staffer than take credit for the amazing work she does here every day. That’s just one of the many reasons why she’s so well-liked and well-respected across our agency. She inspires people to be their best, me included.

If your own career includes a chapter working with or for Mandy, then you already know what caliber of professional walked into our office six years ago. She came to Matter from SHIFT Communications in San Francisco where she spent years leading teams and helping to put that business on the map. She joined us as a General Manager, spread her wings, and has delivered results without interruption ever since. While a new title is noteworthy, it’s a modest recognition for a job incredibly well done since her start.

We’re planning for our future by moving and shaking, so stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, please join me in tipping a hat to our agency’s new President, the most capable, credible and experienced communications professional who deserves a tremendous round of applause. I couldn’t be any happier – nor proud – to have such a well-rounded professional in this position at such an exciting time in our agency’s history.