Local Celebrity and Personal PR

By Matter

As PR professionals, we spend a great deal of time and effort to promote our clients.  In the end, our goal is to make sure that message is on point and being delivered to the right people.  From time to time though, it’s fun to take a step back and recognize one of our own for their personal PR.

Matter account executive Stacey Allaire was featured today in the Newburyport News for her Betty Crocker-esque baking and cooking skills.  In a bit of foreshadowing, Stacey was awarded the “Top Cupcake” prize in the Matter February Potluck event and I can personally testify that those were award-winning cupcakes.  In today’s paper, Stacey has featured two special recipes for Farmers’ Market Lasagna and Apple Cinnamon Muffins, be sure to pick up a copy if you are looking to try them out at home.

We are all happy for Stacey and this article was a great way to establish a little personal PR.  The article ties together her passion for the pantry outside the office.  Independent of our time in the office together, we all have additional hobbies and interests, mine would probably have to be rooting for the Merrimack College hockey team.  Still, it’s great to see one of our own rewarded for some great and above all, tasty work.