March Madness

By Matter

This week has been filled with some pretty great events.  Although we lost an hour of sleep, gaining a little extra daylight is the reminder we need that spring is right around the corner. On Thursday, many of us celebrated our first St. Patrick’s Day with the Matter team in Newburyport. And, although my record-breaking Friars still can’t make it to the tournament, we’re all excited for the start of this year’s March Madness.

I may not be the biggest sports fan, but the ability to have breaking news, stats and scores at your fingertips is pretty amazing. Many recent posts on MatterChatter have also addressed how the internet, mobile devices and social media have easily connected our world to the news. With instant access to apps to track your bracket, sites to read stats, stream live feeds and even check out President Obama’s picks there is more analysis than some can handle.

Does anyone miss watching full games or running to pick up a newspaper to check scores in the morning? I think it is great when an underdog beats the odds, but I’m wondering, in this information overload, has any excitement and anticipation been lost?